John K. Biographical Information


Birthday: September 9, 1955
Birth Place:
Chicoutimi, Québec, Canada

Canadian-born cartoon cartoonist Kricfalusi began his career by working on low end Saturday morning cartoons like the Jetsons revivial and Fat Albert and the Cosby kids. In 1987, Kricfalusi's mentor, 'Ralph Bakshi' , "saved" him by hiring him as supervising director on his show _"The New adventures of Mighty Mouse. The show was canceled after a scene where Mighty Mouse sniffed a flower to get superpowers and some people thought he was using cocaine. Soon afterwards, Nickelodeon bought his twisted brainchild The Ren and Stimpy Show. But after continuous battles over script content and control, he was fired from his own show in 1992. After he was fired, he furthered his fight for creative freedom by founding a website where he sold dolls of his other characters. He then hired some of his old Ren and Stimpy co-workers and produced the first 'made for the web' cartoon series The Goddamn George Liquor Show.

He also created and produced "Weekend Pussy Hunt" another 'made for the web' series. Other work includes directing a Yogi Bear short for Cartoon Network, directing a music video for Bjork. In 2001 he returned to TV with the Saturday morning cartoon for Fox Kids called The Ripping Friends, which he created and produced.

In 2003 Spike TV (formally TNN) hired Spumco to create new Ren & Stimpy Episodes, these were called Ren & Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon. So far only 3 have been shown, with another 3 done and ready to go.