Ren & Stimpy:  Season One




Episode # Production # Original Airdate Episode Title
P-1 & 2-2 RS00 August 18, 1991 Big House Blues
Season 1
1-1 RS01a August 11, 1991 Stimpy's Big Day
Commercial Log
RS01b The Big Shot
Ending What will we do 'til then? Gritty Kitty
1-2 RS02a August 18, 1991 Stimpy's Storybook Land : Robin Hoek
Commercial Powdered Toast
RS02b Nurse Stimpy
Extra The Oath
Ending What will we do 'til then? Magic Nose Goblins
1-3 RS03a August 25, 1991 Space Madness
RS03b The Boy Who Cried "Rat!"
Extra Yak Shaving Day
1-4 RS04a September 1, 1991 Fire Dogs
Extra Ask Dr. Stupid: Why School?
RS04b Stimpy's Storybook Land : The Littlest Giant
Commercial Log for Girls
Ending What will we do 'til then? Chase Your Tail
1-5 RS05a December 15, 1991 Marooned
Commercial My Little Brother Doll
Extra Ask Dr. Stupid: One Hump or Two?
RS05b Untamed World
Ending What will we do 'til then? Play Horsey with CrocoStimpy
1-6 RS06a February 23, 1992 Black Hole
Extra Stimpy's Breakfast Tips
Commercial High Fashion Log for Girls
RS06b Stimpy's Invention