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Welcome to the John K. Archives. This site is for all of the John K. fans. To help get us together and help you keep abreast of what is going on with John and his works. The site is still under construction, but hopefully won't take too long to be chock full of everything you want. I hope you all enjoy it and please feel free to contact me with any information, questions, corrections and/or ideas.

Thank you. - Mr. Horse


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Current news

6/30/05: Season 3 and a Halfish of Ren and Stimpy is out on DvD, though John only had a limited input on this season, some of the cartoons were started at Spumco. Also he does do some commentary on the DvD's so check it out all you John K fans.

Quote from Paramount Home Video: Did you REALLY think you were safe from the insanity and stupidity of Ren and Stimpy? Well, the demented duo is back for more madness with their friends Powdered Toastman, Jimminy Lummox, Jerry the Bellybutton Elf, crazy Wilbur Cobb, deranged circus midgets, and more! From girl scouts to brain surgery, from prehistoric times to Washington D.C., from inside Stimpy's bellybutton to inside Ren's face, get ready for a whacked-out ride! Oh, joy of joys!

9/12/04: Preview clips are up for Altruists here.

9/01/04: There is a new interview with John at AWN, click here to see it.

8/31/04: Still waiting for SpikeTV to get the Ren and Stimpy Adult Party Cartoon back on the air.

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Unaired Episodes that are ready to air:

  • Altruists

  • Stimpy's Pregnant

  • Naked Beach Frenzy


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